uninspired, demotivated, lacking. 

what am i doing? 

'Tomorrow feels like a world away'

 A World Away, Wong fu Productions

(…wongfu have really gone to infinity and beyond this time! :’D )

got lazy towards the end… but pretty happy how it turned out actually… 

there are infinite possibilities of what our lives can be.

but only one reality we can live in,

only one we’ll ever know. 

 One, Wong Fu Productions ft Lee Hom

at one point during the Sydney firework finale, the Harbour Bridge looked like a monster spewing… 

happy new year everyone! :)

got the idea from the adventure time version, though beth would have been a more appropriate choice…

i’ve discovered my dream.

now i just have to find a way to obtain it…

…happy, we’ll all get there.

— To Those Nights, Wong Fu Productions